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The number one Etsy SEO tool revealed – survey results


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Our Besties have spoken!

They’ve all voted and chosen their favorite Etsy SEO tool.

Were you able to get in on the Etsy SEO tool survey featured in our Zbesties facebook group?

If you didn’t get a chance—no worries!

I have the results right here.

Now you no longer have to spend hours on research.

Just a quick reminder though: it’s not necessarily the tool you choose that matters.

It's the work that actually gets the results.

So… we went ahead and asked other Besties what Etsy SEO tool they swear by (because we love you).

According to the survey, a whopping 52.5% of Besties picked EtsyRank.

Marmalead came in second with 23.3% and Etsy Analytics placed third with 8.3%. Followed by Google Analytics (5.8%), Etsy search bar (5.1%), SEO Book (3.9%), and Google Trends (0.7%).

So what’s so special about EtsyRank?

Why did 52.5% of Besties rave about it?

Jenny Savickas had this to say:

“I really like EtsyRank for the competitor tracking. I can see if it's just me having a slow day or if everyone is feeling it. This has also helped me to understand my market better. After tracking 10+ shops in my niche, I have realized that there is not one specific item that is selling well. All of these shops sell several items a day and nobody ever sells the same item the same day which I found interesting. Makes me realize I just need to add more variety to my shop. I was using Marmalead for a little bit, it is a nice program but I felt I maxed out the useful keywords I could find. For $20 a month I axed it and switched to EtsyRank, where I can still search keywords and also get that competitor tracking bonus.”

And Sandy Mulley wholeheartedly agreed:

“Agree that Marmalead was OK for a limited period. I like the features on Etsy Rank and it feels more tailored, so I also swapped.”

I know you might be a little nervous about the cost, but you can definitely upgrade as you go along. Bestie Debbie shared her experience:

“I love EtsyRank. I started with the Free membership which really helped my shop SEO and then upgraded for $9.99 a month to the Pro version which is fantastic for every facet of my shop and they are constantly creating new tools or adding features to existing one that their members say would be helpful.  Beats any other paid SEO provider hands down.” -Debbie Flaherty

Allyson Dearing highly recommends it:

“Etsy Rank is THE one for safe, non intimidating feedback and support.”

We'll just leave this here too:

“Etsy Rank is the bomb!” -Carla Crapo Giesbrecht

Inspired by these Besties? You can make their success story yours too.

Just know that we're not an affiliate of EtsyRank. This is all by you Bestie, for you Bestie.

Remember: we're having an Etsy SEO training because the tool isn't enough.

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Experience the VIP Treatment the Renae Christine Way

See what Renae has in store for her most loyal Besties

100% Free
Spam? Eww! Don't even think that. I hate spam too.