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Training For Beginners


What is SEO?


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Yes. SEO is the only way to get floods of traffic and sales that you don't have to pay for.

Just bein' honest.

You obviously have to learn it.

But where do you start?

Right here.


Whenever those three letters pop up on your screen, sure it does sound kinda intimidating.

You probably feel like your eyes are just gonna glaze over once somebody starts talking all things SEO.

But it doesn’t have to be super scary.

Trust me, it’s actually reaaaaaally exciting! It's the free thing that brings in the sales. Who doesn't want that?!?

So… let’s break down the basics.

What is SEO and how does it work?

Before you understand SEO, you need to know what a search engine is. If you go to a page with a search bar on it, that’s usually a search engine.

Examples of a search engine:

Your own website! (yes, it can have its own miniature search engine)

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

If we understand how these search engines work, we can probably find a way to get to the top of those search engines right?

A search engine such as Google or Etsy uses little teeny tiny “invisible spiders” to crawl on every site and page on the web or Etsy.

Impress the spiders, get to the top.

It’s impossible to avoid these spiders. They go everywhere. If you have a page or a product listing up, they will find it. They can’t ignore you.

The trouble comes when the spiders don’t understand your product page or your website.

Imagine a spider that speaks English going to a Chinese speaking page. The spider can crawl around it, but it’s not going to know what to do with the information on that page.

For example, let’s say your product is rhubarb pie (I love rhubarb pie!), but it’s not just any rhubarb pie.

Your product is the BEST rhubarb pie in the whole world. Now you have to know how to communicate that to Google and Etsy through SEO or by optimizing your page or listings.

Google and Etsy speak web lingo so you can’t just say, “Hey, Google and Etsy! My rhubarb pie is the best. I swear it!”

You need to show them that through optimization or by optimizing your listings so that you can speak to the Google and Etsy spiders.


Okay so when you hear the words “optimize your listing” it just means tweaking your listings so that the Etsy and Google spiders can read your listing in their own language and understand it.

To speak to the Etsy and Google spiders, you have to understand that same language they understand.

That’s when the algorithm comes into play.

Whoa. What’s an algorithm?

It’s SEO language (the language they speak).

Imagine a really complicated algebra problem—this is kind of like an algorithm.

When Google first started out (before Etsy even existed), they just sent a spider out with an algorithm that said, “Okay whoever has this search term the most on the page wins and they get to the top of Google.”

Well that algorithm was the simplest algorithm in the world.

So the spammers came along and played Google. They put keywords inside their web pages (like a thousand times) and they floated to the top.

And Google absolutely hated it.

Google had to change their algorithm a little bit to combat that.

So it’s become quite complicated for the spammers, but as long as you understand the current algorithm and you’re not playing games—Google will looove you.

Now when Etsy started they had a very different algorithm from Google.

Google and Etsy don’t speak the same language as each other. Every search engine speaks its own language.


  • If you want to get to the top of Google, you have to know Google’s algorithm or web language.
  • If you want to get to the top of Etsy, you have to know Etsy’s own algorithm or web language.

When Etsy first started out, they defaulted with a new listing algorithm which means that as long as you kept on renewing, renewing and renewing your listings, you’d be found at the top of Etsy search results no matter what.

But Etsy changed that and things got more complicated.

Then Etsy kept evolving and for the previous years, Etsy has been changing more than ever.

And here we are TODAY.

What works now … like today?

I partnered with Kara Buntin, obsessed Etsy SEO Guru to make a package just for you.

Now you can steal all the Etsy traffic and sales!

This is going to be so great! And it is only the beginning.


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Experience the VIP Treatment the Renae Christine Way

See what Renae has in store for her most loyal Besties

100% Free
Spam? Eww! Don't even think that. I hate spam too.